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What is Courtport?

Courtport® is a valuable research tool designed by professional researchers, for professionals researchers. Our portal enables it's subscribers to conduct due diligence and investigative research on companies and individuals instantly. Sharing and collaborating research techniques with others is easy with our discussion forums and blog. The Courtport portal and blog were originally located at

Who can benefit from Courtport services?

Professionals who need to locate detailed information about individuals and businesses. Specifically, it’s especially useful for law librarians, attorneys, paralegals, private investigators, financial analysts, media personnel, academics, insurance adjusters, and pre-employment screeners.

What makes the Courtport different?

Our portal is one of the most comprehensive and unique of its kind, and continues to grow. Additionally, we focus on community and collaboration by offering free access for researchers to our electronic filing and court record retrieval blog and discussion forums.

What can I research with Courtport?

Case information, criminal records, liens, recordings, vital records, and more. Case information includes docket sheets, filings, rulings, calendars, motions, and other related documents vital to in-depth research. In addition to civil, criminal, bankruptcy, and other court case information, you can also search criminal records, such as prison and jail inmate logs, arrests and bookings, outstanding warrants, and sex offender registries. Our portal also helps you quickly access corporate records, UCCs, vital records, trademarks, and property records.

How current and comprehensive are your Portal resources?

Our expert researchers and automated systems check daily to ensure all links are current, and to locate new links to add to our growing collection. If we do not provide access to a particular jurisdiction, it's because it's just not available online.